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​​Enjoy a signed and numbered print of "Good Morning, Ladies" in your home or office.

​​ This is a beautiful beekeeping print by North Carlina native, Roger S. Thomas.

​ Thomas' favorie subjects are landscapes and old and new architecture, and has been inspired by Bob Timberlake and Mel Still.
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A truly lush, radiant enthusiast’s guide, The Backyard Beekeeper’s Honey Handbook goes beyond the scope of a cookbook to introduce to readers the literal cornucopia of honey varieties available. An intuitive follow-up to The Backyard Beekeeper, this book will presume beekeeping experience but reintroduce the basics. It is an insight into the practical, back-to-the-earth beekeeping lifestyle and well as the artisan cultivation of honey varieties.

  Supplementary support for this book lay in the fact that interest in tapping honey’s holistic and whole-health potential dovetails nicely into the natural health and green movements. Also, honey as natural, lower-calorie sweetener has garnered positive PR by those working against the obesity epidemic
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Beekeeping For Dummies, 2nd Edition reviews the tools of the trade, including complete instructions for building and maintaining beehives; offers detailed and easy-to-follow guidelines for all phases of honey production—including harvesting, bottling, packaging and marketing your honey; explores theories into the recent unexplained collapse of colonies and its environmental and economic on society; and provides new information on mites and diseases and recommend changes in bee medication and treatments.
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by: Hall, Derek
This book is an introduction to the world of bees and shows the beginner what caring for them involves. 255 pages Color photos throughout