We think you will find keeping bees is a fascinating and fulfilling pastime with benefits not even imagined.

What to expect:

•A window on nature that is unprecedented
• A hobby that is challenging and tremendously rewarding
• Honey for family and friends
• A few stings to brag about
• Material to produce candles and other crafts
• An ongoing attempt to understand the honey bee and learn from them
• A pollinating army for your crops and all the wild plants around you

•Joy when you produce that first crop of sparkling sweetness

As you tend to your prospering hive, the field force of workers will come and go as they pollinate your garden or small orchard. Returning to the hive laden with nectar or pollen, they fuel the growth which ultimately translates into honey for themselves and you. The pollen has been dusted from flower to flower to ensure fertilization. One third of our food is a result of insect pollination. Due to your hard work and care as a beekeeper you are helping the honey bee and thus our food supply.